Effective Tips for Anxiety Attacks

4 Effective Tips That Can Help You Feel Steady for Work Despite Anxiety Attacks

When left untreated for long periods, any type of anxiety can limit or restrain you from living your life to the fullest to the extent that you might even find it difficult to leave your home for work or to go anywhere else.

The symptoms of anxiety can be exhausting and frustrating, and a panic attack or an anxiety attack can leave you overwhelmed, physically drained, and with a constant dread accompanied by negative thoughts and emotions.

All of this can make leading an everyday life extremely difficult, let alone going to work every day. And although there are no easy fixes, it is possible for you to break free from anxiety, panic attacks, and anxiety attacks and go to work like everyone else, and enjoy life to the fullest.


worry of having an anxiety attack

An anxiety attack can be loud, last for some time, and will demand every bit of your attention. It wants to be in charge all the time.

However, there are 2 ways by which you can dominate your feelings of anxiety and do what you want in your life, like getting to work every single day and feeling relatively steady while doing so. They are as follows:

  1. Paying attention to something else

But just to be clear, it is incredibly challenging not to pay attention to your anxiety as it encompasses nearly every aspect of your life. Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind that the more we pay attention to anxiety attack symptoms, the more it will feed off them.

Concentrating on anxiety, even on the fact as to how much you dislike it, will add fuel to the fire. Remembering that what we pay our attention to grows and flourishes might help in stopping yourself from paying too much attention to anxiety.

Therefore, although it might be difficult at first, you must always try to turn your focus away from your anxiety. This will give you room to expand your life and extinguish any fuel that burns the fire of anxiety.

Without sufficient attention and focus, your anxiety is bound to burn itself out!!

  1. Being prouder and louder than your anxiety

As already mentioned, anxiety can be loud, and it can very well present itself in the form of an anxiety attack. It can also take over your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Therefore, it is essential to stand up to this psychological bully by making your voice louder. This will force your anxieties to stand down and shrink off into the shadows so that you can continue living a healthy life.

The following tips will help you implement these approaches to the fullest and assist you in breaking free from the shackles of anxiety, thus enabling you to go to work or anyplace else you want.


Anxiety Attack Symptoms

The 4 tips that we are about to discuss below can be divided into 2 parts. The first 2 tips will be dealing with turning your attention to something else, while the last 2 tips will assist you in being prouder and louder than your anxiety.

All you have to do is be patient as you develop them and make sure to use them constantly so that you are able to live your life on your terms and not that on anxiety’s terms.

Lead a purpose-driven life

One of the effective ways of overcoming anxiety is to lead a purpose-driven life. Ask yourself – “Why do I go to work?” “What does it allow me to do?” When you realize that your work allows you to do the things that you want in life, then it becomes easier to persevere even when you feel anxious.

Try to identify at least one positive aspect of your workplace

Is there anyone in the workplace that you are on the same wavelength with? There might be a place that makes you feel comfortable. Try to find that one aspect of your workplace that you really like. It can be an object as well, which might become your focus object.

If you have even a single person, object, or situation at your workplace that you like, it can be centering and can make you feel secure. Identifying and using resources and support is an extremely powerful and effective coping skill.

Know yourself

Everyone who suffers from anxiety knows exactly what it is as it is loud, and it always wants its presence felt. However, it is essential for you to remember that anxiety is not who you are. It is just an experience that you have to deal with.

Once you start thinking of anxiety as something that is a part of your personality, you will be devoid of your self-confidence, and it will become even more challenging to come out of it.

Moreover, when you start to think of anxiety as a part of you, it becomes hard to go to your workplace or anywhere else because that anxious part goes there with you as well.

Although many of us tend to feel anxious, it is essential to keep in mind that anxiety can affect your behavior, like restraining you from getting to work or avoiding specific situations.

But, these are not essential components of your self. Therefore, start reflecting in a journal on who you really are. What is it that you are really good at? What are your strengths and skills? What is important to you in life? Reflecting on your qualities on a daily basis will help you own them.

Always celebrate your successes

Every little action that you take, even if it is getting dressed for work, is a step away from anxiety and is a success that you should celebrate. Overcoming this psychological bully is not an all-or-nothing effort.

Set small goals for yourself, like getting to work and staying there feeling steady and celebrate every positive step that you take. A celebration can be anything from listening to your favorites music to enjoying a healthy beverage or a snack to giving some time to yourself to do the things you enjoy.

When you celebrate, you reinforce your positive actions by activating your brain’s reward center. Feel-good hormones are released, which takes the place of stress hormones, making you crave a more positive and free feeling.

Your brain is going to remember this and will be encouraged to do more positive stuff that actually works in the future. What’s more, you even reinforce the fact that you are stronger and prouder than your anxiety.


While you search for information as to how you can make it to your workplace, remember to stay there feeling steady and calm despite the debilitating effects of anxiety as you have taken the positive step towards reclaiming your life from anxiety.

You have the motivation, the mental strength, and hope, all of which are positive qualities and which reflect that although anxiety might be strong, your desire to come out of it is even stronger.

Anxiety has plenty of ways to restrict you from living a happy life. The 4 tips discussed will help you counter these ways and assist you in overcoming anxiety and the constant worry of having an anxiety attack.

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