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Anxiety checklist

This checklist measures your experiences of anxiety during the past two weeks.

Worried as to whether your answers and results are safe with us? Don’t worry; all of your information is safe with us. After taking this test you will be able to keep a printed copy of the results for both yourself and your health professional.

Now, think carefully and tick the boxes below. Reflect sincerely on which of the following emotions and feelings are bothering you for the last 2 weeks or more than that?

A constant feeling of anxiety, nervousness, or being on the edge

Unable to stop or control your worries

Thinking and worrying too much about several things

Unable or having trouble relaxing

Getting so restless that it is becoming hard even to sit still

Getting annoyed easily and irritated

Always having a feeling as if something terrible might happen

So what happens next you ask?
The answers that you provide us with above will help us to generate a score

  • We will tell you about your level of anxiety based on the score you receive.
  • We will assist you in taking the following steps with detailed information and contacts so that you can get appropriate support.
  • Please keep in mind that the result I not a diagnosis as that can only be made by a professional.
  • If by chance you feel that you also feel depressed you can also take our anxiety and depression test.